Why Cleansing Is The Most Important Part Of Your Routine

We’re bringing it back to basics and talking about the importance of cleansing in your skincare routine. It may actually be the most important step in your entire routine. Here’s why.

The Importance of Cleansing

Throughout the day and night, the skin is our defense mechanism and is subjected to dirt, grim, pollutants, and even dead skin cells. Not only do these particles cause build-up on the surface of the skin, but also if you don’t wash correctly, any product you use after cleansing simply won’t be as effective if it can’t absorb past dead skin and build-up. Not cleansing properly can lead to additional breakouts and blocked pores.

Choose Your Cleanser Wisely

The best way to maintain clear, healthy skin is to learn how to properly cleanse your skin. And this means leaving behind the pre-soaked facial wipes. The first step is to choose the right cleanser for your skin type. Always read the back of the ingredient list and beware of ingredients like fragrance (a skin irritant) and sodium lauryl sulfate (strips skin). If you have a dry skin type, you may enjoy a cream-based cleanser. If you’re oily or normal/combo, you may enjoy something more gel-based. It may be tempting to use a cleanser that has exfoliating grains, but refrain from using this type of cleanser more than once or twice per week. Too much exfoliation can cause micro-tears in the skin, which can cause an upset in the balance of your skin or can lead to more breakouts. Cleansers with enzymes are probably a better choice over a granular exfoliation. Try to choose a professional grade cleanser – you’ll need to use less product and these cleansers are pH balanced to work with skin.

Now, we cleanse

When you’ve chosen the right cleanser, be sure your water temp isn’t too hot. Work the cleanser into the skin in circular motions with light to medium pressure; you can use this time to give your skin a little massage to stimulate blood flow. You should remove the cleanser with a gentle facecloth or facial sponge, if possible. You’ll notice even after wiping away the cleanser, there may be residue on your face. Don’t be afraid to repeat the cleanse to ensure your face is clean.

A double cleanse in the evening is always a good idea to ensure you are removing all traces of dirt or debris, especially if you wear makeup during the day. Unless a cleanser’s directions say you can go over the eye area, be sure to use a separate eye makeup remover. Never tug or rub the eye area, as the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on your face.

Cleansing is The First Step

After cleansing, follow with the appropriate toner, serum, moisturizer (and SPF during the day). You’ll notice after properly cleansing, your toner will absorb quickly into the skin. Cleansed skin is happy skin.



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